SAP Staffing

The team at BizTech Solutions is adept at implementing solutions to address several types of resourcing needs that arise in the SAP Project Life Cycle. In addition, we have more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies across different geographies in helping them achieve their Project Goals.

The following are some situations/challenges where we have stepped in and offered our services. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Challenges in Ramping up a team for a new project, including availability, fit for purpose, delays in onboarding, not turning up as per plan et al
  • Mid-way through a critical SAP Project, it becomes evident that the SAP Consultant does not possess the relevant experience or the competency required and needs to be replaced – immediately.
  • An existing SI Partner does not have the experience or the resources to implement a new Functional and/or Technical Solution
  • An SME is required to conceptualize and implement a niche solution like Archiving – write an SOW, validate and approve Technical and Functional Solutions, and Test-approve-accept deliverables
  • Need to tightly Plan and Execute an ECC to S4 Hana migration projects
  • Need to work around tight Budget constraints and provide cost-effective AMS support on a global level
  • Need to validate the efficacy of implementing solutions in niche areas like IoT, BTP, IBP, or any SAP module where there is a lack of internal resources to support doing Proof of Concepts or Pilots
  • The existing SI Partner has not engaged the A team, and the client feels the solution offered by the group is a trial-and-error method.

These and other challenges are the difference between successful project completion and delays – leading to cost escalation, customer/end-user dissatisfaction and a cascading effect on business results and impacts on other dependent/connected applications. These are ever-present, and even the best-laid plans cannot cover them adequately.

As evidenced by the diversity of the challenges/needs listed above, it is clear that there can be no ‘single’ solution or vendor that can address them all. And it is also distinctly possible that any Project may be impacted by one or a few of these challenges during execution.

Project Owners need to, apart from an adequate level of planning, be flexible in their approach to circumventing and/or overcoming these challenges.

One of the critical elements of this approach is to identify and align with a diversity of specialized / niche partners who can step in on-demand and address these challenges in specific areas. These partners need to have the capability to deploy resources on demand in their areas of expertise and support the customer in addressing the challenges effectively.

BizTech has the resources and experience to address these and several other daily needs/situations that organizations face. We have a team of senior SAP consultants, Recruiters and Account Managers to ensure that we deliver the right solution at the right time for the client. Our portfolio of work includes Implementations, Upgrades / Updates, AMS and Strategic Staffing.