Maximize your enterprise solutions’ ROI with BizTech’s industry specific SAP solutions.

In addition to our extensive and renowned SAP services, BizTech also offers industry-specific SAP offerings to clients across several industries. Our consultants continually stay in touch with industry trends and challenges and utilize the power of SAP to provide innovative solutions that deliver long-term value to clients. Our mission is to provide you with flexible, high-quality enterprise applications that can help you to differentiate yourselves and compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

If you are looking forward to achieve your business goals with vertical –specific SAP solutions, BizTech can be your ideal partner. Our expertise spans the entire SAP portfolio, from Core ERP solutions to analytics, cloud, mobility, HANA, and database solutions.

BizTech Industry Solutions

  • SAP for Retail

    Engage customers with personalized experiences. Optimize your business processes. Provide seamless shopping experience.

  • SAP for Oil & Gas

    Build competitive distribution networks. Execute large scale projects. Utilize modern communication channels to reinforce positive perceptions.

  • SAP for Utilities

    Drive risk-centric operations with real time asset management. Enable business users with valuable market insights. Drive customer centricity through robust workforce management.

  • SAP for Chemical

    Monitor assets in real time. Establish control over regulatory requirements. Accelerate time to market.

  • SAP for Life Sciences

    Advocate personalized medicine. Accelerate time-to-market for new drugs and maintain competitive advantage in a regulated market.

Customized solutions based on years of knowledge of ground level realities and business challenges faced by the specific sectors.

Complete adherence to industry best practices and processes and a healthy exchange of best practices from other verticals.

An arsenal of industry specific accelerators and frameworks.

Deep expertise implementing industry-specific RDS solutions.