Monitor assets in real time.

Establish control over regulatory requirements.

Accelerate time to market.

Today’s consumers want innovative and sustainable products that improve their living standards and propagate a healthier environment.  With the chemical industry recently re-entering its growth phrase, the focus is back on innovation and global expansion. At BizTech solutions, we combine the knowledge gained from across several industries and provide chemical firms with the right SAP enterprise solution that would complement them in their growth journey.

BizTech Advantage

BizTech’s customized SAP solution, for chemical firms, is designed to address the growing needs of the industry, including innovation, better supply chain management, enhanced solutions for marketing, and CRM solutions for managing growth.  We add to this a broad suite of accelerators and RDS implementation expertise, enabling us to be one of the best SAP implementation partners for chemical firms.

We are currently engaged with a major global chemical conglomerate, for setting up their 75 global warehouses in 40 different countries. The project involves building the design and architecture for the extended warehouse and transportation modules, customization of event management module, and configuration of the applications. We are also part of the global rollout of HR, financials, and global trade promotion modules.

We have a robust framework of re-usable and well documented EWM, event management, and travel management scenarios that confer to industry best practices and accelerate your SAP implementation.

BizTech has extensive experience deploying these pre-configured software and service packages that reduce your implementation time from months to merely weeks.


Improve visibility of product movements along the supply chain and align plant operations with supply chain and resources. Track and analyze utilization and performance trends and predict future scenarios with the help of advanced analytics capabilities.

Reach very high service levels by pro-actively scheduling maintenance. Provide quick and efficient tracking and solving of customer issues.

Streamline and track all your new product development activities – right from product ideation to development and manufacturing. Shorten your time-to-market by tracking and solving issues in real time and by having a firm check on quality, regulatory, and compliance requirements.