Life Sciences

Advocate personalized medicine.

Accelerate time-to-market for new drugs and maintain competitive advantage in a regulated market.

Our comprehensive and customized ‘SAP for life sciences industry’ solution helps you utilize the latest advances in big data, cloud and mobile technologies to drive innovation and operational excellence.

The market is moving towards personalized medicine. With an increased focus on preventive healthcare and a global push for innovation in life sciences and healthcare sectors, global life sciences firms are fighting a tough battle to remain ahead of competition in probably the most regulated industry we have today.

We have partnered with several life-sciences firms to deliver end-to-end SAP implementations.  Our industry-specific best practices, accelerators, and our expertise in SAP RDS for life sciences makes the ideal SAP partner.


Enhance collaboration with suppliers and build seamless procurement processes. Manage ordering, invoicing, and payment processing efficiently through a centralized platform.

Streamline and track all your new product development activities – right from product ideation to development and manufacturing. Shorten your time-to-market by tracking and solving issues in real time and by having a firm check on quality, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Synchronize demand and supply, optimize inventories, and help ensure traceability of drugs and devices

Analyze Big Data to drive personalized medicine and manage development, collaboration, and R&D costs.