The focus of Oil and Gas firms is slowly shifting from upstream exploration and production towards midstream infrastructure, refinery operations, and petrochemical facilities. Companies are targeting their efforts towards implementation of high-level capital products. SAP provides one of the most comprehensive and hugely popular ERP packages for the Oil and Gas Industry, encompassing packages for managing capital spend, oilfield operations, and supply chain.

BizTech Advantage

Upstream firms are involved in the exploration & production of crude oil in offshore and onshore facilities, midstream organizations transmit oil from production site to refineries, and downstream organizations are involved in refining, distribution, and marketing of finished goods. We have implemented a very large number of projects for all sections of the Oil and Gas industry, including upstream, midstream, and downstream organizations. We bring together this vast experience in providing swift, successful, and customized SAP implementations for all categories of Oil and Gas Firms.

  • Rich SAP Oil and Gas experience

    We have rich consulting experience with in-depth knowledge gained from over 5 global SAP Oil and Gas engagements. We were part of the team that deployed JVA and PRA for a global fortune 500 Oil & Gas firm. We also were part of SAP HR deployment for Anadarko in their ‘Global SAP HR migration from PeopleSoft’ project.

  • Oil & Gas Accelerators

    We have an in-built and robust framework of re-usable and well documented Oil & Gas mid-market customer scenarios that confer to industry best practices and accelerate your SAP implementation.

  • RDS for Oil & Gas

    We have extensive experience deploying the pre-configured RDS for Oil and Gas software and service package that helps reduce your implementation time from months to merely weeks.

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