Engage customers with personalized experiences.

Optimize your business processes.

Provide seamless shopping experience.

Today, retail is all about experience. People bond and de-stress over their shopping trips. They also want their shopping experiences to be as elaborate as their tastes and moods.  To succeed, retail stores have to cater to today’s demanding and informed customers, while working hard to streamline their operations. Our comprehensive and customized  ‘SAP for retail’ solution can help you gain in-depth insight into your customer behavior and requirements, design personalized and targeted marketing offers, and optimize and gain real-time visibility into your retail supply chain.

BizTech Advantage

Our extensive experience, of working with retail clients, has helped us in understanding the unique requirements of the different sub-sectors of the industry. This has helped us in developing custom applications, accelerators, and our own recommendation of SAP software packages for our retail clients.  We combine these with the standard ‘SAP package for retail’ to deliver a comprehensive solution that fits into the exact needs of the retail industry.

We implemented a large global FSCM ( receivable management ) program for Procter & Gamble, a fortune 500 firm, in USA and Europe region. Our other global retail SAP implementations include a SAP HCM rollout for Nike when the firm rolled out HR and Payroll in over 20 countries. We also handled the major rollout of FSCM in Scandisk, GSI Commerce and Georgia Pacific accounts.

We own a robust inventory of re-usable and well-documented retail scenarios that confer to industry best practices and accelerate your SAP implementation.

We have extensive experience deploying these pre-configured software and service packages that reduce your implementation time from months to merely weeks.

Business Benefits

Build powerful, strategic, and global supply chains with the Sourcing, Buying, and Manufacturing software from SAP. Manage order placements, invoicing, and payment processing efficiently in a centralized platform.

Create seamless, omni-channel experience for your customers by providing them with personalized information and shopping experience, whenever and wherever they want it.

Gain real-time customer insights across all channels to manage your store and merchandising.