The indispensability of utility firms have till now taken the focus away from operational efficiencies. The changing regulatory landscape and increasing competition are challenging this status quo and an increasing number of utility firms are beginning to look at technology with renewed interest. SAP has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the utilities sector.

Its comprehensive suite of business applications, analytics, database, cloud, and mobile solutions are best suited for providing flexible, scalable, and end-to-end solutions to utility firms. We add to this our custom packages and expert delivery methodology, developed over several years of working with a vast number of utility firms, to deliver the perfect enterprise solution for the utility sector.

BizTech Advantage

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  • Rich SAP Utilities Experience

    We deployed an ISU utility industry solution for North Eastern Gas Utility (Berkshire Gas) with modules like billing, device management, and CRM. BizTech also delivered SAP applications like CRM, device management, and plant maintenance modules to AES and Direct Energy. Our current engagements include supporting National Grid with their SAP HR payroll system roll-out and developing a new SAP HANA prototype for their enterprise reporting platform. We are also currently engaged with London Hydro for the design and development of their external home grown database with SAP QM module to certified meters which are approved for external vendors.

  • Accelerators for Utilities

    We deploy a robust framework of re-usable and well documented scenarios related to device management, demand management, asset management, plant maintenance, and CRM that confer to industry best practices and accelerate your SAP implementation.

  • RDS for ISU

    We have extensive experience deploying these pre-configured software and service packages that reduce your implementation time from months to merely weeks.

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