Candidate Referral Policy

  • Each qualified referral from our billable candidates and outside staff will earn 2.5K USD in referral bonus.BizTech management staff and operations staff do not qualify for this policy.
  • The referral submissions should be made via for future traceability& first person who had submitted will get the credit. Every submission is valid for 6 months only.
  • Payment for the referral will be made after 1 successful month of billing and after the payment realized by the company from its client only. Payment can be expected within 3 months of the candidate billing.
  • Referral can be made for multiple candidates and we suggest only to make known candidates in your network.
  • Please refer our job postings( Dice or Indeed) and skill sets of the candidates while doing the submission if available in the comment section for the web form.
  • The candidates referred should not be in our Zoniac database or Bullhorn or touched by our recruiters in the last 3 months. If we have the candidates in our DB, promptly the referee should be intimated about the same by the recruiters or recruiting manager by email.
  • If a referee refers 3 or 5 plus referral – he/she will qualify for gift like iwatch (350 USD) (3) or latest iphone (700 USD) (5) etc.
  • All candidates and referral needs to be approved by Head of Operations/ Recruiting Manager of the region.
  • For 6 months the referral policy will be monitored and revisited if the same needs update and modification.

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