Business Intelligence

Access to high-quality, timely data is an invaluable asset and a competitive differentiator for organizations. BizTech combines technology expertise and market knowledge to develop reliable and compelling solutions using SAP’s platform for business intelligence.

We provide end-to-end Business Intelligence services that ensure seamless information access and help firms in:

  • Establishing a single version of truth in the organization by ensuring data consistency and quality.

  • Reducing dependency on IT by providing key decision makers with easy, secure, and fast access to data.

  • Improving operational efficiency by enabling real-time tracking of key metrics and KPIs.

  • Discovering new growth opportunities by analyzing past performances.

  • Ensuring greater regulatory compliance.

  • Big Data

    We offer end-to-end big data expertise, including data provisioning, data management, and data consumption services. Our services include big data consulting, migration, integration, and analytics on both structured and unstructured data.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Our BI experts provide the process centricity required to realize the real value of BI reporting and analytics solutions.  We help clients design, develop, and maintain solutions for reporting, performance management, predictive analytics, OLAP, and self-service BI.

  • Dashboarding

    We combine best practices in data visualization and design to build highly intuitive dashboards that are customized to your business requirements. Our experts deploy a wide range of vendor solutions and develop custom dashboards for data imported from traditional data sources.

  • Mobile BI

    We understand mobile user interfaces, platforms, and systems. We leverage on our partnership with leading mobile BI vendors to create simple, engaging, and seamless applications for Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.