BEING DIGITAL requires making applications available on-demand. On any Device. It requires understanding how, and when, customers use our applications – and making sure that they achieve their objectives, every time. It requires scanning what our competitors are doing, in real time, and making sure that we are abreast of or ahead of them, at all times. Being nimble, holistic and getting it right, every time, are not nice to haves.

Making sure that applications function the way they should has become more complex in the age of BEING DIGITAL. More frequent Application Releases (almost daily, in some instances). Checking for Functionality, User Experience, Security, Data Protection, Automation and Analytics – every time a release is made. The variety of technologies, tools and platforms that form part of each application release. Interdependency between various Applications. Diverse teams spread over different time zones. Knitting it all together and making it work, every time, requires expertise and experience of BEING DIGITAL.

BizTech has access to the right set of resources that can assist the customer navigate the extremely challenging Testing Landscape for BEING DIGITAL. Be it packaged applications like SAP or bespoke applications. Security and Performance considerations. Constantly evolving functionality. An impressive mix of Technologies, Tools and Platforms. Widely dispersed teams operating across multiple time zones and languages. Our resources have met and overcome these challenges, consistently.

Our suite of services encompass various types of Testing – Functional, Performance, Security, User Experience, Integration and Regression. We target an optimal level of Automation in all of our Test engagements. Our processes are tuned towards faster turnaround and tight integration with development teams. All of these backed up by a tested library of best practices and reusable assets.

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