Bringing Data & Processes Together – Enterprisewide

To understand the real impact of business decisions, organizations should have a single consolidated view of their operations. To unearth the true potential of a business-critical application like SAP, it is essential to integrate it with other applications used in the organization and with its partners. Seamless flow of data and business processes within and outside the organization is the core of any BEING DIGITAL initiative.

BizTech offers a comprehensive suite of services that ensure seamless integration of SAP infrastructure with other non-SAP systems.

We provide end-to-end integration and data migration services for SAP applications. We have extensive experience integrating SAP to other B2B and B2C applications, and to other SAP instances and enterprise applications present within an organization. We also have deep expertise in middleware, portal integrations and integrations involving multiple file formats.

We bring in the much-needed knowledge of technologies, domains, and sector-specific processes to ensure integrations that maintain consistency in business logic and process flow.

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