End-to-End testing solutions for SAP environments

SAP implementations often cost much, and timelines exceed expectations, leading to critical roadblocks in timely implementations. In addition, the increasing complexities of SAP roll-outs and shorter release cycles have contributed to the need for organizations to look at testing services with a fresh perspective.

BizTech partners with organizations to deliver high-quality SAP testing services that help organizations maintain system stability and performance at optimal costs.   We work methodically with all the relevant stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your business processes. We then design the testing solution to address your specific pain-points and meet your unique requirements.

Our services in this area ensure:

Testing frameworks and methodologies that are developed with a clear understanding of your unique business processes.

Highly automated solutions that guarantee reduction in costs and delivery time.

Deep expertise that helps you meet your regulatory compliance and quality accreditation requirements.

Consistent adoption of latest and relevant best practices in software testing.

Efficient project management and documentation.

Accelerated testing services that ensure faster time-to-market without compromising on quality.

Time-tested battery of reusable test components that help reduce costs and testing time.

Our Testing Portfolio

  • Testing strategy formulation

    Identify gaps in existing test procedures and formulate a testing strategy that meets your unique business requirements

  • Unit Testing

    Test to ensure that individual code components meet your performance expectations

  • Regression Testing

    Ensure new code components work in cohesion with existing features

  • Integration Testing

    Ensure end-to-end system performance meets your unique requirements

  • Performance Testing

    Validate system performance, reliability, scalability, and usage under varying workloads. This includes load, stress and spike testing

  • User Adoption Testing

    Exhaustive end-user testing that ensures that your SAP implementations meet real-world requirements

  • Functional Testing

    Ensure that your SAP application functions exactly in accordance with your design specifications

  • Testing Automation

    Accelerate time-to-market with high-end test automation services